If criminals want to impersonate a police officer, they must do more than buy some blue lights and mount them in vehicles.
Image of 3 police vehicles.

To increase safety and foster trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect, we offer a solution to combat law enforcement impersonation.

Smart Shield LLC provides specialized law enforcement windshields to prevent police impersonation.

The specialized windshield gives citizens a reliable method of knowing that they are being pulled over by an actual police officer.


Smart Shield is the solution to the rapidly growing problem of law enforcement impersonation. Smart Shield is a vehicular identification system that allows a pulled over driver to easily read the windshield identification information of the cruiser, call the local station and verify the authenticity of the police officer pulling them over.

Smart Shield increases safety by providing citizens with an easy, effective way of verifying a law enforcement officer’s identity. The effective application of these initiatives can reduce law enforcement liability, decrease litigation and reward law enforcement agencies and the citizens they protect.
Imagine having the ability to see and confirm, at a safe distance, that you are being pulled over by a valid law enforcement vehicle. Smart Shield provides the average citizen with a verifiable way to authenticate law enforcement officers and their cruisers.

Smart Shield is marketed for law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels. If criminals want to impersonate a police officer, they must do more than buy some blue lights and mount them in their vehicles. Smart Shield technology is not available to purchase via the internet.


Human interactions depend upon a basic level of trust. When this trust is violated, we become paralyzed with fear.

Police Charger.A high level of trust between the police and the community they protect is a necessity in a civil society.

Too often a police impersonator acts maliciously and violates the trust that is established between law enforcement officers and society; thus creating a society fearful of its law enforcement system.

Police badge.

Impersonation of a police officer is committed in order to assert police-like authority to commit a crime.

Much of the equipment used by police impersonators is available to the general public, thereby giving impersonators access to the necessary materials to commit such a crime.

Smart Shield is not available to the public; therefore, it can be relied on as credible way to identify law enforcement officers.

Close up of Smart Shield in action.
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